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Alternative psychoactive alcohol use

Alternative psychoactive alcohol use
Ethyl alcohol substitutes
Tertiary alcohols
Alcohols other than ethanol have been used as they are usually not covered by alcohol taxes and alcohol laws. Most alcohols are also significantly more potent than ethanol (e.g. 2M2B requires 20 times lower dose), which provides minimal energy intake.
Some tertiary alcohols with historical medical use have been used as ethyl alcohol substitutes as they are not metabolized into toxic aldehydes like acetaldehyde:

2M2B - Found in trace quantities in alcoholic beverages, especially cassava fermented. 20 times more potent than ethanol. 2M2B have, despite being 20 x more potent than EtOH, a therapeutic index of 2.8 that of ethanol (potency compared to EtOH/(EtOH LD50/t-AmOH LD50 ratio) = 20/(7060/1000) = 2.8) oral in rat.
Ethchlorvynol - During their heyday, they were known on the street as "jelly-bellies" or "pickles".

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